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Easy, Cost-Effective Cooling with Our Air Conditioned Server Rack, Server Cabinet Cooling, and Spot Cooling Products

Protect your servers and other critical equipment with our self-contained, plug-and-play air conditioned server cabinet.  It's ideal for network and server closets and for locating remote servers without the expense of building additional room capacity.  For spot cooling or to ventilate problem areas in you server room, consider our rear door ventilation system from APC or our portable spot cooler.  Contact us by phone, email, or the form to the right and let our knowledgeable product specialists help you with technical information and pricing for your specific needs.

Air Conditioned Server Cabinets and Server Cabinet Cooling Solutions

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Fast and Easy PDU Power Cables Already Assembled with Hubbell Pin and Sleeve Connectors or Twist Lock Receptacles

UPS Systems

Power Distribution and Bypass

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Computer and Server Cabinet Cooling, Air-Conditioned Server Racks and Computer Enclosures, Network Cabinets, and Computer Cabinet Products to Solve Your Rack-Mount Equipment Problems.

When you need more than just a basic server rack, take a look at our computer enclosures to meet your highly specialized needs. Our air conditioned server racks and server cabinet cooling solutions offer the latest technology to address the issues that give you the most concern: heat, access and security, monitoring, and power problems. Our innovative, wide-body computer enclosure offers a solution to managing the abundance of cables you have to deal with and is designed to meet the mounting specifications of leading OEM manufacturers with its frame-within-frame design.  This design allows for ample cabling space on either side as well as setting up side-to-side airflow. Network cabinets, network enclosures and computer enclosures all designed to address the sophisticated needs of your network equipment.

Give our server rack specialists a call or email to get quick, professional help in choosing your solution. We pride ourselves on our prompt response to customer requests.  Contact us by phone or email and you'll get answers and pricing right away.